How to find the best seats for your home theatre

Jan 2018 | News

These days many people think about having their own private cinema right in their homes. But most of them have a limited budget and when they plan on how to spend it, they think about the best video projectors and sound systems they can buy and forget about one crucial thing: seats are an important part of the home theatre that make a delightful experience possible. Choosing the right seat is a very important part of designing the best home theatre.

In this post, we will give you some tips on how to choose the right home theatre seats.

1- Know your audience

This is probably one of the most given advices in the marketing world. But in this case, it’s right for you too. Before designing your home theatre, you should know that who is gonna use it. How many people will be there to watch a movie? How many of them are adults? Will there be any kids or elderly people?

If you’re gonna have many guests, you should be looking for seats that can be arranged right beside each other without any wasted space.

If many kids are going to be around your home theatre, you should look for easily cleanable seats. And for elderly people, easily getting in and out of the chair and back support will be the most important factors.

2- Consider comfort

After determining who your audience is gonna be, you should consider the level of comfort you want in your home theatre. If you’re gonna be uncomfortable or sad or angry when watching a movie, it should only be because of the movie itself not the way you’re sitting.

As we said earlier, most people only think about the visual and sound systems and as a result, are never really comfortable when they watch movies.

A good home theatre chair should have armrests and provide comfort from head to toe. The material used in the cover and the foam in the cushions should be comfortable. Remember, although you’re not buying a bed, the level of comfort when buying chairs for your home theatre is just as important.

3- Durability is also important

The price for a good home theatre seat can be quite high. So before you actually buy one (or several) you should think about how long they’ll last. Having warranty is usually a good sign in this department.

Consider the material used in making the chair, the wood or metal, the foam, the cloth of the cover, everything should be checked. Choose a chair that seems like a good investment.

4- Think about your home décor

When thinking about this, you should first choose where your home theatre is gonna be. Then, consider the elements used in the design of that area. Choose a model and a color for your seats that is compatible with your home décor.
If you’re gonna have a separate room as the home theatre, think about the atmosphere you want to build. One of the more popular ways to decide, is choosing a theme. For example, you might wanna show off the color of your favorite sports team.


To choose the best possible chairs for your home theatre, you should consider many different factors. The people that will sit on them more often than others, level of comfort, durability and the design and décor of your home are among the most important of these factors.
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