How to use acoustic panels?

Jan 2018 | News

You have probably come across people that spend a lot of money to buy an awesome sound system but don’t think about the condition of the room they intend to install it in. one of the things that people usually forget, is the acoustic treatment of the room. Using acoustic panels seriously
improves the sound quality and lifts the overall experience of using a good sound system. Acoustic panels are necessary not only for recording rooms but for screening rooms and home theatres as well.
Sound comes out of your installed system as a wave. It then moves in different directions and bounces off after hitting the walls and other objects. You may think that the result is normal and the sound you hear has good quality if you haven’t had the experience of hearing a good sound system in an acoustic room. But this bouncing off, greatly harms the sound quality. In fact, the size of the room and the cover of its walls are the two most important factors affecting the sound quality in any room.

Acoustic panels change the surface of the walls so that the sound doesn’t bounce off of them but instead gets absorbed. To really achieve this, you should cover 60 to 70 percent of the walls and the ceiling’s surface. Covering the whole 100 percent kills the sound and does not create a good outcome. The placement of the acoustic panels totally depends on the outline of your room and the kind of sound system installed in it. But there are some general tips you can use for any situation.

Where to install the acoustic panels?
After installing all the speakers, sit at the place that you’re gonna be sitting when using your home theatre. Ask a friend to hold a mirror against the wall, start near one of the speakers and make his way towards you. Wherever you can see the speaker in the mirror, should be covered by an acoustic panel. Do this for all speakers and all seats to know the correct placement of every acoustic panel.
Many people don’t use acoustic panels on the room’s ceiling. This is usually a matter of design. If you apply acoustic panels to the walls correctly, there won’t be a need to treat the ceiling as well.

Some other tips to consider

-Applying a good acoustic setup can make an ordinary sound system’s output, great. And not using acoustic panels, can make the sound of a great system, very dull and ordinary.

-When designing your home theatre, try not to put any seats too close to the walls.

-If you have hardwood floors, consider using a carpet to cover it.

-Large mirrors or framed pictures behind glass can harm the sound quality because the waves bounce off of them easily. You should avoid hanging them in your home theatre.

-Before buying and installing your acoustic panels, consult with an expert. The wrong choice and installation can cost you in the future.


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